Wun's Tea Room

Wun's is well known amongst students (and graduates) from Hong Kong, especially when they want a taste of home, but in more refined settings - the Hong Kong inspiration is clear from the moment you enter.

The tea room is divided into two sections - the ground floor is relaxed, with wicker chairs, vintage lights and double folding windows which remind you of colonial Hong Kong. But the heart of the restaurant is downstairs, which reflects the spirit of 1960s late night Hong Kong (velvet seating, neon-lights and a prohibition atmosphere). Wun's serves an eclectic list of cocktails, each with hints of Chinese influence, such as the 'pandan old fashioned' and the 'rice negroni.' The food is equally exciting (and high quality) - particularly the Iberico 'char siu' (which melts in your mouth) and selection of claypot rice (made exactly as you would expect in Hong Kong the perfect cure for homesickness)

Prices are on the higher end, particularly given the portion sizes, but the atmosphere and food more than make up for it. On weekends, Wun's also offers brunch with well-loved favourites such as the 'char siu scramble & egg fried rice', 'HK french toast' and 'soy cheung fun'.

23 Greek St, London



Photos from Wun's Tea Room Facebook Page

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